celebration singer songwriter sussexMemories are made of this!

'The wonderful work Vintage Radio Years’ has achieved over the last four years within the care industry throughout the County of Sussex’

vintage radio yearsVintage Radio Years has the versatility to reach out to any audience with its sincere expression and desire to make a positive difference……

Music is the background score to our lives, proven to survive within our memory banks whilst being a language that we all understand, this has been proven time and time again as I have visited and seen the wonders and hope within mental health units all over Sussex.

This wonderful era of music, not only expressed hope through the out pouring of people’s hearts as far as the artistes from this time, but has continued to be a life line to our elderly today, recreating the special time of family through this ‘golden age’ of music to encourage harmony within the hearts and minds of my mental health groups.

This foundational structure stimulates focus which leads to a response, which leads to a release of confidence, of which releases joy, proven their memory is still alive when the right environment and atmosphere has embraced them, the ‘Vintage Radio Years’ brings this unique and sincere quality to their lives!

The Royal Air Force Association - Storrington, West Sussex

‘The Vintage Radio Years’ makes such a difference in our lives, we truly love Kym’s special encouragement,  she is a true natural to her calling within her work!’

‘I wish to thank Kym Veale on her presentation of Radio Years to help encourage memories here at the dementia ward at The Royal Air Force Association. Kym used her writing gift, along with music, pictures and song to attract our interest and focus our attention in a marvellous way! All those involved were inspired for the rest of the day….. we are all looking forward to Kym’s next visit with great eagerness!’

vintage radio years

St Dunstans - Ovingdean, East Sussex
‘The Vintage Radio Years has brought back such positive and special memories, I feel quite over whelmed!…..we truly need this in our lives!’
‘The best entertainment I’ve seen here!’

‘You have helped ‘turn us up!’ ‘ Please come back soon!!!!’

Sovereign Lodge Care Centre - Eastbourne, East Sussex

Kym Veale visits our home on a regular basis to entertain our residents with her outstanding "Vintage Radio Years" show.
 The radio show has become a vital part of our entertainment programme as all residents truly enjoy and look forward to this monthly event.
Kym is one of our most energetic performers with a genuine caring nature to all our residents. She works wonders especially with our residents that have dementia.

 With a little encouragement and enthusiasm and new contents for every show our residents answer every prompting from the recital of verses with hidden artistes from their time, this enables our residents to think back and amazingly remember these performers!

Kym follows this by a sing-a-long by this artiste, at this point our residents sing-a-long or stand up to dance, residents that wouldn’t normally participate with conversation, or are blocked by their oppression are stimulated by her skill of communication!
As you can imagine this brings great pleasure to Kym herself, the staff and relatives as well, but most importantly to our residents which gives them much needed confidence and pure joy!

  ‘For this we thank you Kym for bringing such joy to our home!’

Many Thanks!

Tom & Lisa
Activities Team at Sovereign Lodge, Eastbourne

Kathleen Golds, St Dunstan’s - Ovingdean, East Sussex

‘I have witnessed on two occasions Kym Veale giving a wonderful time to the residents of St Dunstans. Kym Delivered a therapeutic, up lifting session from Radio Years. The lovely atmosphere continued and people were still praising and talking about it a good while afterwards…. long may Kym continue to bring her special ‘sunshine’ to those who enjoy it so!’

Sunrise Senior Living

‘Kym has performed her Radio Years Show at our Residential home in Eastbourne on numerous occassions, not only is she a true professional; she has the ability to engage and involve our Residents in all aspects of her performance. Her material is completely appropriate for her audience and she has the unique talent of radiating happiness and energy to all those who meet her!’

We look before and after,
                         And pine for what is not:
                     Our sincerest laughter
                         With some pain is fraught;
Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.
                     Yet, if we could scorn
                        Hate and pride and fear,
                     If we were things born
                         Not to shed a tear,
I know not how thy joy we ever should come near.
                     Better than all measures
                         Of delightful sound,
                     Better than all treasures
                         That in books are found,
Thy skill to poet were, thou scorner of the ground!
                     Teach me half the gladness
                         That thy brain must know;
                     Such harmonious madness
                         From my lips would flow,
The world should listen then, as I am listening now……….


‘Extract from poet Shelley ‘To a Skylark’…..One of my most beautiful pieces of writing by one of the world’s most inspired poets….. ‘reaching out from his heart ‘in full flight’ to Hope’……..

‘You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh,
The fundamental things apply

‘As Time goes by’ ......


vintage radio years

vintage radio singer sussex