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Elm Lodge Care Home Eastbourne, East Sussex

Dear Kym,

‘I would like to take this moment to let you know, when you walked into my home you made a difference to my clients, they all love what you do for them! I have been at the home for many years and when I saw one of my clients talk and smile, in a way I have not seen her do before, this was a very special moment, you have done something very rewarding to her and myself’…..

‘One other lady I would like to tell you about, you may remember her; she was answering and responding to all the promptings regarding to the music you had recited to the group, ‘Wow!’ that was mind blowing, we never knew she had this talent!’

‘You are very special to my home!’
‘I always say, if you get one smile a day from the client nothing else matters!’

‘Thank you so much for coming into our life, see you soon!’

Much Love,

Dee and all the clients and staff at the home.


‘Great times at The Visually Handicapped Club of Rustington!’

‘I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you for visiting The Rustington Activity Club on 27th September 2011 with The Vintage Radio Years’......
The Entertainment was totally different from anything I have experienced before, and extremely enjoyable, you managed to transport the audience back to a special time, reuniting them to their music’.
‘The engagement with the audience was amazing, you managed to get our frail audience up on their feet to join you in dancing to their music from yesteryear!’
‘Thank you’ Kym once again, for an extremely entertaining afternoon!’

Patricia Gadd

Secretary, The Visually Handicapped Club of Rustington

vintage singer celebration sussex

vintage radio singer sussex